How many staff are still using “Password1234” as their password

A surprising number of staff in are still using very weak passwords to protect critical data.

Pet names, children’s names and football teams are among those used.

People know that they need a strong password at work. But then they use “Fluffy1234” for all of their work accounts.  Worse still, they might be tricked by a fake web site into revealing their company login details to a hacker.

People and their passwords are the weakest link in any organisation’s security.

The answer is to put in place something called multi factor authentication. You’ll know it already from when you log in to online banking.

You either give random characters from a second password. Or respond to a notification on your phone. Or use a special device to prove it really is you logging in.

We have created a video to explain multi factor authentication. You can see it below.

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