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Digital Footprint

This year GMA is celebrating 25 years of providing IT services to organisations large and small, to celebrate this milestone we are offering a free audit on your companies digital footprint. 

A digital footprint is the trail, traces or "footprints" about you on the internet. It is essentially your reputation and should be considered as the virtual biography of your business.

Just because you are online and searchable, it does not mean that your virtual identity is represented as you would like it to be or even as you think it is. When your website is viewed there is a trail left behind, from these algorithms we are capable of identifying correlations and patterns in customer behavior and can untangle individual customer journeys. 

This can play a massive influential role in aiding you to refine, define and target their objectives with care and accuracy – and reap the rewards.

Having started out in 1992 GMA has stood the test of time. We are a well-established SME reseller selling primarily in the SMB market.

A lot has changed with the world economy during that time and the IT industry itself has been a perpetually changing landscape. We thrived on the last 25 years by evolving to keep up with the latest technologies and enabling our customers to access the best services available in the IT marketplace, thanks to our expertise we have helped over 500 businesses in the UK adapt and grow in the fast moving world of IT. .

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