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New Book – Email Hijack

Gregory Micallef Associates have a new book ‘Email Hijack’ which is aimed at teaching business owners about the massive security risks of inbound email.

In Email Hijack we explore how the majority of attacks start with just one email. That single email can easily lead to large amounts of money being stolen from a business bank account.

The book uses a fictitious story of a business owner being hacked to explain what can happen.

Your greatest business tool is your biggest security threat.

Did you know that cyberattacks are predicted to cost businesses around the world, five trillion pounds by 2021? Many of these attacks start with an email.

For example, one of the smartest attacks we’ve seen in recent years is where an unauthorised email forwarder is set up on your company’s email account.  The cybercriminal monitors your email over a period of time. This is done in order to get a feel for the business’s vulnerabilities.  When they see a good time to strike…they do!  Their goal is to remove money from your bank account.


Attacks that begin with an email where a company or person is being impersonated have become widespread.  If not spotted in time it can have significant consequences.

Whilst IT Support and communications companies like GMA can implement a number of technical measures to help protect businesses, a good cybersecurity policy is crucial.


From business owner to office junior, everyone within your organisation needs to be educated on what to look out for in suspect emails. Equally important is that your employees have the confidence and knowledge of how to proceed if they receive a suspect email.

As you will discover in the book, the implications of thinking this is not something you have to worry about can be financially disastrous. Furthermore, a successful cyberattack erodes customer confidence and destroys productivity.

Best Practice

Email Hijack also looks at the most common email breaches and lists the 10 layers of security we normally consider when protecting a client. Our aim is to provide a start point of ‘best practice’ that businesses should consider. We strongly recommend expert guidance when choosing or implementing security solutions.

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Email Hijack – By Greg Micallef
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