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Facebook Ads That Target Your Beliefs

In a new trial involving a small number of users in the UK, Facebook has said that it will be testing the targeting of adverts based on users’ specific political and religious beliefs. Why? According to Facebook, the trial will help the social media platform to process and manage its customer data, so that it […]

Future Technology from Elon Musk

One Man may be designing the future of transport on earth and beyond You can’t fault Elon Musk for lack of ambition.  His private company is showing Nasa how to launch heavy objects into space many time cheaper than they can do it.  Elons space company SpaceX has launched his car (and a mannequin spaceman […]


Whats happening with bitcoins and blockchains

What are Bitcoins and Blockchains are they important to IT You may have heard of Bitcoins as the value has increased massively in 2017 and created millionaires for some people that bought when the coin was little known and much cheaper.  Bitcoin is intended to be a decentralised store of value, not controlled by any […]

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Microsoft Future Decoded Event

Microsoft held their annual Future Decoded event last week in London.  This is where Microsoft tells the UK where they are expecting to go in the Future. Keynote Highlights They announced a new Surface Pro with integrated super-fast LTE phone network support, it can take a sim card like a phone but also has an […]


Equifax hack – highlighting the importance patch mismanagement

US company Equifax is under the spotlight after losing data of nearly half the US population. What Happened Equifax is one of the three largest American credit agencies.  It gathers information about you — without you even knowing — from credit card companies, banks, and other lenders.   Equifax use this information to score people for credit applications. […]